Vrenika Pather started her career as a Theatre actress at the delicate age of 18. While performing professionally in touring stage productions she studied towards her Drama and Literature degrees and passed them with distinction.

To finance her studies she worked part time as a lecturer and teacher at such institutions as the University of UKZN and Sastri College. Her talents and unbridled energy saw her secure a job as presenter of Eastern Mosaic and Technics Heart of the beat on South African television. While presenting she acted in many sitcoms and theatre productions such as Going Up, Engineering and Great Expectations.

She was soon head hunted to Direct and Produce prime time light entertainment and music programmes for the South African Broadcasting Corp. To her credit is Toyota Top 20, Sonic Boom and Music Mania. Vrenika was the first Indian director and producer at the SABC at a time when SA was changing from an Apartheid country to a democracy. She was 21 at the time and not only the first Indian woman but also the youngest woman to direct and produce for South African television.

Playing a cameo role in the Hollywood movie KickBoxer 5. Encouraged her to seek international experience.  She decided to spread her wings and try her talents in a European market. She moved on to work in French television. As Reader for the Acquisitions department of M6 (a national French television broadcaster) she found the European market challenging but interesting as a learning curve. But as soon as she had grown from her 10 year stint in France, and was fluent in French, Vrenika could not wait to return to SA and give back to the South African community that she is dedicated to.

She returned to SA and wrote two short stories which were published in African Pens, an anthology of writing from Southern Africa, a compilation edited and selected by Nobel Laureate, JM Coetzee. Thereafter, she lectured Communication studies at VUT, and facilitated and organised Workshops and Conferences in rural South Africa, bringing education to the people. She currently works as a communications and media specialist consultant, runs a professional acting and directing studio and is mentor and facilitator of the Comedy Club, which performs skits at Orphanages, Old Age Homes and Hospitals.

Vrenika has an Honours degree in Drama and Communications, and is an internationally accredited Business Coach. She also has a Project Management Higher Certificate from the University of Stellenbosch.

“My favourite hobby is kickboxing, though I don’t treat it like a hobby – it is a source of great discipline and rigour. And I enjoy this sport immensely.”

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