Frik is an accomplished and results driven person consistently meeting targets and budgets He is known for achieving results and identifying opportunities due to his efficient and opportunistic approach to tasks at hand  He has a strong focus on development and implementation of solutions, strong leadership skills while safety always take preference.

He has the ability to work in a fast paced environment and at the same time enjoy the art of working in a diverse team environment.

Reputation and Integrity is a major focus point and he would like that to portrait in our daily life at work and at home.

Work experience

Frik started at Eimco mining machinery 30 years ago as a Field service Technician. Later on he joined Bateman Mining Equipment first in the rebuild workshop and later as a service Technician on Toro and Rocor rand and Bison Drill rigs. After Tamrock established themselves into South Africa  he accepted an offer of employment at Tamrock.

Not long after that move Frik was appointed as the first contract Manager at Nkomati mine where he and his team rebuild a machine. This was the start of his rebuild career. Two months after that he was redeployed to start the Tamrock workshop in Delmas.

After the first machine he realized that customers need a safe piece of equipment, with good quality and at a reasonable cost at the promised delivery date. He understands production pressure from his previous roles and understands that equipment and components are crucial to customer’s production pressures.

Frik has rebuild in excess of 700 machines and therefore pride himself as a person with vast experience in the rebuild industry, not only in Machine rebuilds, but also in component repairs as well as drifter repairs.

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