Buraaq Mining’s very first apprentice, Israaeel Rahman recently completed the initial phase of his theoretical training at the Artisan Training Institute (ATI) in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, achieving a sterling 98% mark in his exam. He now returns to Buraaq’s workshop to acquire critical on the job training and practical experience.

Israaeel will eventually qualify as an Electrician, with each phase of his training becoming more challenging. During the third phase he will learn to work with multiphase electrical equipment. Despite still being young at 21, his instructors reported that Israaeel has a positive attitude and picks up the technical concepts quickly.

“The challenging part for me with this phase were the relays and motor sequencing which I prepared already for phase 2. The tricky part of relays is the wiring of the panel because of looping the wires and it had a lot of wires. When you make one mistake you have to go wire for wire to find the fault but at the end I managed to master the relays and motor sequencing,” said Israaeel when Buraaq CEO SAM Kader went to see him in action at the college.

“I have really enjoyed every section of the phase so far. It taught me things I didn’t know, new ways and techniques of wiring and how to find a fault. I’m looking forward to applying what I have learnt in the next few months on the job.”

Israaeel will now work closely with a qualified electrician on various projects such as component repairs and machine rebuilds.

Buraaq Mining is extending its apprenticeship programme and motivated individuals are encouraged to apply.


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