Mining equipment solution provider Buraaq Mining Services in April officially launched its Safety Culture when all employees pledged to adopt a mindset that focuses on safe practices and procedures in every single action they undertake, in their professional and personal lives.

“As a new company, developing a culture that emphasizes safety from the outset will set us on the path to assisting the mining industry transform into an industry where injuries and fatalities are extremely rare and ultimately non-existent,” CEO S.A.M Kader commented. “We want our employees to understand that no matter the pressure to produce or provide services for customers, they should never take a short cut or perform a risky action that could endanger themselves or those around them.”

A pledge that highlighted both the company’s and employees’ responsibilities regarding safe working practices was signed by all 20 employees. The pledge was discussed and all the Buraaq team committed to this by placing their handprint in colour paint and signing on the page.

“This illustrates the significance that we place on safety in the workplace and essentially ‘imprinting’ safety in everyone’s mind,” said Abdul Manack, Social Responsibility Manager.

“Change occurs one small step at a time and our belief is that if each employee consistently acts in a safe manner, it will positively impact on those around them until safety becomes the norm,” Frik Erasmus COO added.

Although the event focused on a serious issue, the enjoyment that the Buraaq employees experienced while pledging to this way of working was evident by the laughter, smiles and creative attempts by each person to make their handprint stand out. The large print is framed and displayed in a prominent space so that this focus on safety stays in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Coltrane Moagi, Artisan Assistant said he is pleased to work for a company that believes safety is so important while Deevashnee Govender, Financial Officer believes that each person is the key to their own safety.



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